Friday, March 25, 2011

Is the fight against climate change a bigger threat? Thursday, 24 March 2011, 9:58 am Article: NZ Environmental Public Interest

 One of the strategies high on the list of favourable options was the technique known as ‘Aerosol Injection’.
The aerosol injection technique involves spraying into the atmosphere, either from balloons or from aircraft, large volumes of aerosol substances which then spread out to form a hazy artificial cloud cover that will reflect some of the solar radiation. Whilst there are several possible chemical substances suggested for use with this technique, the substance that the world’s top geoengineers seem to favour is very fine particles of aluminium oxide because of its high level of reflectivity relative to its surface area. The very great danger that comes with this technique, as geoengineering scientists all over the world, including NZ, readily admit, is that they have absolutely no idea what the human and environmental side effects will be, including the effects when all this aluminium oxide falls to the earth. Of even greater concern is that this aerosol injection technique very much looks like it is already being tested or is in operation in many parts of the world, including here in New Zealand, and that it is having an extremely worrying effect on the environment. Laboratory tests in many parts of the United States where this aerosol testing has been occurring for some years now show levels of aluminium in the soil and rain water that are many times the safe level. As a result many scientists and concerned citizens in the United States are now in the process of mounting widespread legal action as a result of these recent test results to try to get this aerosol practice stopped. Another very real cause for concern is that the giant United States corporation Monsanto has now developed genetically modified crop seeds that are resistant to high levels of aluminium, and this is despite the fact that aluminium is not normally present in soil in any significant quantity. What do they know?
Aluminium is a highly toxic substance to plants, animals, and humans, and the levels at which it is now showing up in the soil and water where this experimental aerosol injection is taking place is alarming to say the least. It is clear that this aerosol testing has already been taking place by someone in a number of areas of New Zealand over the last year or more. Hundreds of eyewitness reports with photo and video evidence show the tell tale signs of this aerosol injection technique in operation and aluminium has begun showing up in water tests in some of these areas.
March 2010 Taranaki December 2010 Nelson
So, once again on this issue of combating alleged global warming, we must be very careful to weigh up all the scientific evidence and all the potential effects. The technique of aerosol injection seems extremely dangerous to the environment and human health, and very radical. NIWA scientist Mike Harvey, who made a presentation on the aerosol injection technique at the geoengineering conference stated in his presentation that “New Zealand is known for its clear sky and good air quality and visibility. A high aerosol environment would significantly degrade this”. Is this what clean, pristine New Zealand wants? Are the New Zealand people happy to accept significantly degraded air quality, visibility, and clarity of our skies and potential toxins entering our environment on the basis of trying to save ourselves from something with highly questionable scientific evidence?
The issue of climate change and global warming is a very emotive one. The scientific evidence for whether it is happening or not is highly contentious and we should be very careful at how we approach this in terms of implementing interventions which could be very harmful to humanity and the environment. Mankind absolutely needs to actively seek and embrace positive strategies and technologies for living in greater harmony with the environment. As a nation, New Zealand prides itself on striving to be at the forefront of this endeavour; however, should we really be potentially destroying ourselves in order to try to save ourselves from the dangers of global warming when a groundswell of science around the world is now strongly suggesting that this is not occurring?

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