Tuesday, July 12, 2011

 The beginning of the official propaganda to condition the population to the mutation of the sky (by the BBC)

Here's a recent BBC video on chemtrails, renamed "contrails cirrus"

What the nice man does not explain is the interruption of the trail and its recovery:

The aircraft he is "way glider?" ... So here we are now in full propaganda and conditioning of our retinas : exit the clouds that we know, hello clusters of sulfur particles (trying to mimic volcanic eruptions) that is presented to us as kind of condensation, ice ... very innocent! 

For it is indeed spreading of particles, leading to a profound change as a malignant, our sky Even Environmentalists least remain silent and subservient not respond to emails (Michele Rivasi, Stephane Lhomme) Here is the latest response from Greenpeace: "Greenpeace does not work on the subject of" chemtrails ", we only matters that we document this which is not the case of "chemtrails." 

We have never had the opportunity to read a scientific study confirming this theory, and composition of these trails is supposedly supported by any analysis. "

If Greenpeace expects documentation, Greenpeace can wait a long time. So we can count on us to protect our children. 

iridescence diffraction of sunlight, due to particles

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