Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nasa loves higher gas prices and geo-engineering

High fuel costs: good Environment premium

PRICES of fuel may be soaring high, but that is a plus for the environment.
Although, prohibitive prices may not be enough to keep people from using their cars, many environmentalists believe that the high prices push people to sparingly use their vehicles for cost considerations.
This would mean reduced carbon emissions, one that is good for the environment.
Dr. Josefino E. Comiso, a hydrospheric and biospheric scientist of the National Aeronautical Services Administration (NASA) of the Goddard Space Flight Center who attended the Regional Forum for Climate Change held at the Bohol Island State University early this week, warned of more effects of global warming if people do not reduce or terminate the use of fossil fuels, including the most preferred gasoline and diesel fuels.
He explained during the forum that doubling of carbon dioxide will happen within the century.
Carbondioxide, which has fairly been confirmed as the major contributor of the phenomenon called global warming has made 2010 the warmest year recorded by far in the century.
While he did not say if 2011 would beat that, it is however safe to assume that with the growing carbon emissions by motor vehicles alone can raise the amount and that we are in for hotter climates, a forum participant said.
With fossil fuel for vehicle use contributing much for climate changed, scientists are braving the fields of technology to find ways to significantly cut on their use.
But the effects do not happen overnight, scientists have said.
According to the estimates, the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 600.113) provides values for carbon content per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel, and they are 19.4 pounds/gallon for gasoline and 22.2 pounds/gallon for diesel.
This may not be as much but with the millions of gallons of fuel used every day, the carbon emission, which does not break down until an average of 150 years remain stored in the atmosphere, adding more and more to the pile emitted by factories and the greenhouse gasses.
The prohibitive price of fuel therefore is one good thing that supports these efforts.
Here, Dr. Comiso suggested that people help in suppressing the increase of carbon dioxide emissions to help stabilize earth surface temperatures.
He also proposed the shift from fossil fuel use to clean and alternative energy sources including the move to design green buildings and houses aside from reforestation and geo-engineering or the international large scale manipulation of the global environment to impact on the disaster-packing global phenomenon.

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