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16:38 3 September 2009

Scientists are not opposed to artificial cooling of the Earth

Scientists of the Royal Society suggest artificially cool the planet if the politicians fail to agree and sign the Copenhagen agreement to stop global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Meanwhile, experts have warned that the engineering way of reducing the temperature of the Earth carries a high risk and unknown consequences, both for the inhabitants of the earth and the ecosystem of our planet.
The report Geoengineering the climate: Science, governance and uncertainty gently points out that some geo-engineering schemes are technically feasible. If we manage to ensure their safety and affordability, they may well become a useful tool to address climate change - along with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Other projects are too costly and seriously risky, so recourse to them should be a last resort.
As geoengineering techniques to combat global warming, scientists are seriously considering the possibility of planting forests or the construction of special towers, as well as control of solar radiation by redirecting solar energy heating the earth back into space.
Anyway, the scientists said, but to reduce CO2 emissions would still have to, otherwise there will be ocean acidification. 
Earlier, British scientists said they discovered a new and dangerous consequences of what is happening warming Earth's atmosphere as a result of income in her greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming leads to a shift in the axis of the planet. This creates a risk that the Earth is actually "picks off its hinges."
Specialists have found that an increase in average temperature on Earth is warming the oceans, and warmer water increases the inclination of the axis of rotation of the Earth. While the shift is not so much much: about 1.5 cm per year. However, nobody can say exactly what will, over the years so alarming physical process, the researchers say.

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